Video Profile
See What Your Buyer Sees

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Our Video Profiles provide the most effective means to not only hear what the agent says, but to see the visual impression made on your prospective buyers. Our Video Profiles literally become your eyes and ears to validate successful sales practices as well as correcting costly errors.

Why the Video Profile?

You have invested time and money to support your sales team. Whether your training program is in-house or through a paid consultant, you must measure the effectiveness of that training. 

•    Video Profiles are your window into the daily world of your sales centers.
•    Video Profiles document the best sales practices of your Super Star agents.
•    Video Profiles document the inadequacies of the show and tell agents. 
•    Video Profiles eliminate an agent’s denial of what did or did not happen during the mystery shop. 

LeBlanc & Associates reports are very useful tools when working one-on-one with sales professionals. The insight provided by the video report has allowed us to fast track the training work we do with our clients. The sales professionals are more accepting of the results after they have viewed the video shop. Together we can zero in on the challenge, role play specific solutions, and move on.
— Manny Schatz, MIRM Principal PBS Inc.

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The Benefits

•    Focus.  When you see the full visual impact of the one on one interaction between the sales agent and a potential buyer, you can then target your training dollars to identified areas that need skill reinforcement.

•    Empowerment:  The Video Profile is a highly effective self-empowering training tool for your sales team. Seeing facial expressions and body language allows the agent to have that all important ‘ah ha’ moment.

•    Team Training Tools: Show the whole team the best sales practices from your super stars video shops.

•    No Denial:  How can you deny what you see and hear? Video shops are the most objective and effective format to separate the ‘they said’ out of the picture.

•    Validation:  Team results will confirm the effectiveness of your training program.

•    Success:  The road to more sales is better selling techniques. Video Profiles are your directional map to sales success.

•    And More:  Video shops can also provide the visual means to assess the effectiveness of your sales center’s physical environment. Does where you store brochures, features lists, etc. force the agent to walk away from the buyer? Turn their back too often? Inner sales offices too distant to allow a quick greeting?


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Video Profile - Mystery Shopping Sales Agent
“At KB Home in AZ, I received an extra benefit of LeBlanc’s video reports. Our most important sales facility, with up to 11 staff onsite had actually been designed so that the sales professionals were “forced” to turn away from the prospects in order to collect needed information. By seeing the video from the point of view of the consumer, we were able to make the needed layout changes and stop turning our back (literally) on so many prospects.

Mary is held in high esteem by the building industry and has been an instructor at the International Builders Show / NAHB Conference in her field of expertise. To say I have been impressed for years would be a masterpiece of understatement.”
— Dave Harding Chief Research Officer; Int'l Sales Trainer; University Instructor in real estate & sustainability