Telephone Profile
Selling from the First Hello?

Does your sales team value the telephone as an extension of the sales process? Or do they merely use it to monitor loans, escrows or give directions and hours of operation?

The telephone shop should be part of your overall sales training program. Through our Telephone Profile you: 

•    Hear what your sales people are saying 
•    Evaluate how they are handling the inquiry process 
•    Determine if the agent builds rapport
•    Determine if the agent conducts discovery 
•    Determine if the agent creates sufficient interest for the onsite visit.  


Companies spend a lot of money driving traffic to their communities. That all important first connection is frequently by telephone and is instrumental in determining if a prospect wants to visit your community. When someone calls expressing an interest, it is the agent’s responsibility to give callers a positive lasting impression of your company brand and insure their interest is not lost to your competition.

All Audio Profiles are digitally recorded to maximize ease of listening. Each recording will be posted online on your own secure page. You will also receive a CD ROM.


 The Personal Connect 
Good discovery should sound like a conversation. Yet many inquiry calls sound like the sales person has a checklist they are trying to get through. This becomes a barrier to effective listening and developing rapport.  

 The Ability to Listen  
The inquiry conversation has to be natural with the sales person listening first and combining discovery/qualifying questions, probing and repeating/empathizing information. 

• The Telephone Voice
The difference between phone inquiries and in-person inquiries is that on the phone, prospects cannot see facial or body language. Therefore their impression of the agent (i.e. your community and company brand), as well as their potential level of interest, is based on the tone of voice by the person they connect with.  Too often, the sales person (or receptionist) sounds rushed, distracted, disorganized, bored, or disinterested. 

•  Appointment Setting  
There must be some time-activated commitment to move forward at the end of an inquiry call. Unfortunately many agents end the conversation without a way to move forward.  Too often the agent has not entered the prospect into the data base or worse, has not obtained valuable contact information.  Leaving it to the prospect to call back or ‘stop by’ will not increase sales.  

Telephone Profile
In skilled hands, the telephone is a powerful sales tool. And for better or worse, a first-time caller receives a lasting impression of you, the builder.
— Mary LeBlanc