Specialized Services

LeBlanc & Associates offers its clients the unique ability to address your specialized needs. We have a proven track record in meeting non traditional selling situations. 


Resort Destination Communities

Are your agents selling more than the brick and mortar? LeBlanc & Associates can structure a mystery shop program to address this unique type of selling where effectively presenting the intangible is critical to your community’s success.

Custom Lot Sales

Do your sales agents have the skills to show a lot and create the dream? Do your sales agents have the knowledge to provide the buyer with all the essential information to make an informed purchase decision? Custom lot sales demands top sales professionals who can’t rely on model homes to sell to the buyer’s emotion.

LeBlanc & Associates can help you evaluate your sales team to insure the agents know how to bring the unseen home to life.

The Monitor

The Monitor is an affordable option for multiple quick assessments throughout the year to identify and track improvement in targeted areas of an agent’s sales presentation. Do you want to verify your sales agents are demonstrating models? Register prospective buyers? Smile? Introduce themselves? The Monitor meets those needs. Our quick checklist format, tailored to your specific criteria, provides you with a valuable evaluation tool to quickly assess your sales team.

Other Specialized Needs?

Give us a call and let us know what your unique challenge is!