September 2018

We all have learned that knowledge is power. The more you know about a topic, the better prepared you will be when a situation comes up requiring that knowledge. The situation could be anything such as when a mechanic is trying to talk you into replacing a major part and you know a minor fix is all you need. Or you are planning a trip and have done your research to find the best pricing for travel and hotel costs. In today’s world, with the internet literally at our finger tips, there aren’t many areas in our lives that we can’t research prior to making a commitment to purchase or to do something.

But have you heard of the ‘Curse of Knowledge’? In everyday life, the ‘Curse’ is when someone knows their subject matter so well that they’ve lost perspective of others’ understanding of the topic.  For example, I know my eyes glaze over when trying to understand an astrophysicist explain the universe.  With the exception of Neil deGrasse Tyson of course. Even I can grasp the concept when he explains the basics because he brings the topic down to the everyday language we all speak.


The ‘Curse’ happens all too often in the housing industry. The result is agents talk over the heads of prospective buyers, often using unfamiliar jargon, and they don’t even realize it. Agents forget that not everyone speaks real estate.
While recently reviewing some video shops, I kept wondering when the agents were going to come up for air! I am sure the litany of information and features they were providing made perfect sense to them. After all the agent talks about it all the time. But did they stop to think that perhaps that prospect’s eyes were glazing over with so much information? Did they really think that prospect was going to remember everything when they went home as if they were going to take a test? Agents need to pace their information and check to see if the buyer is sufficiently understanding and absorbing it. They also need to target that information to what each prospect needs to hear.  You don’t need to give them everything all at once.

In short don’t start with volumes of minutiae. When it comes to housing, most buyers want to first know if the home lives well for them and their family. They want to know both the home and community are a good match for them. Additionally, they want to know they will be making a good investment. After gaining the initial agreement to what you are selling, then you can start to deliver the specific features that support your quality statements that make your product better than your competition.

Like Neil deGrasse Tyson, take the time to understand and communicate in terms that are meaningful to the customer.

Managers, does this sound familiar? Do your agents suffer from the ‘curse’ when engaging prospective buyers? Are they information dumping or creating the sale? LeBlanc & Associates welcomes the opportunity to partner with you to document the spoken word as well as providing the visual perspective of the buyer’s experience.  It’s easy to connect with us. Submit an online request, call or email. We promise to speak your language.

Top 10 Scenic Train Trips
1. Switzerland, The Glacier Express (views of the Alps)
2. Russia, Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian (views of Lake Baikal)
3. New Zealand, TranzAlpine (Christchurch to Greymouth)
4. Australia, The Ghan (Darwin to Adelaide)
5. California, California Zephyr (Chicago to San Francisco)
6. Canada, The Canadian (Toronto to Vancouver)
7. Argentina, Train to the Clouds (ascends 13,800 feet)
8. Europe, Orient Express (London to Venice)
9. Europe, Orient Express (London to Venice)
10. Japan, Shiki-shima (gourmet cuisine, nature, culture)
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