When we hear the word delivery, several connotations come to mind. One definition is the transfer or transport of something such as in a pizza or UPS delivery. It can also mean a technique, method, approach, and manner such as how a singer delivers their version of a song; or what makes one comedian make people howl in laughter and another just elicits a smile when both are telling the same joke. It’s all in their delivery and timing. Great professionals understand how important these both are. When you watch or listen to the greats in any field, whether it is entertainment or sports, they usually deliver a knockout performance primarily because they have honed their respective talents and skills to the highest level. They also understand it takes practice to reach those high performance levels. Greatness always looks easy. But it seldom is.

It is no different in sales. How a sales professional delivers their product and community information will determine their level of success. In some ways sales presentations are a form of entertainment. It is not easy for an agent to keep a prospective buyer fully engaged and focused on what you have to sell when the agent lacks the necessary delivery skills. Effective delivery requires the ability to listen and the ability to pace the information you want to convey.

Delivery and Pacing.   We don’t require our agents be great singers or comedians, although a little of both would be memorable for the buyer right? However all agents must learn how to deliver their message effectively, efficiently and effortlessly. I could line up 3-4 different videos of sales agents, all giving the same information. Technically they might even score the same. Yet 1 or 2 of those agents stand out. Why?  Their delivery. So while each agent is saying basically the same thing, one is effective and the others are just plain monotonous. When I view agents’ videos I am impressed at the superstar’s ability to seamlessly flow from Greeting to Discovery to Product to Closing. It is such a treat to watch and listen to them. The super star knows how to pace the delivery of their questions and information. They know when to use some humor. They know how to create a relaxed selling environment. They know when to zip it and they know when to listen.  

Then there are those agents who jump from one topic to another as if they memorized a set of talking points and they are trying to make sure they get it all covered. It just doesn’t flow right. Hopefully time and practice will cure this problem. Other agents just don’t come up for air. I cringe at times when I hear their ‘twenty question’ approach to discovery and needs assessment. And with some agents it can be a whole lot more than 20 questions. Usually these agents are too busy talking and do not understand the importance of listening. There is so much an agent can learn by not talking over and beyond their prospective buyer. You know the old adage about two ears one mouth.  You can’t listen to the music or hear the humor when the mouth is over engaged and the ears are plugged. 

Whenever possible agents must deliver a complete and comprehensive sales presentation. That means full basics (Greeting & Rapport, Discovery & Assessment, Community Presentation, Product Presentation, and Closing). We understand in the real world there are times the agent cannot realistically spend 40 minutes to an hour with every prospective buyer that enters their sales centers on a given day. They then must kick into an abbreviated sales presentation. However, when that happens, they still must have an effective delivery so the prospective buyer has a reason to return.  In either situation, the end result still should leave the buyer with a sense of a ‘knockout performance’ that sets their experience apart from all the other mundane sales presentations. It’s all in the delivery.

No matter a strong or weak sales market, management must know if their team delivers a knockout sales performance. When you need to verify the strength of your sales team, let LeBlanc & Associates be your partner. We deliver high quality videos and performance reviews so your team can learn from their mystery shopping experience. Give us a call or submit an online request. It’s easy!

The Top 10 Cities for Outdoor Enthusiasts
CBS News compiled this list of the best cities for those who love the outdoors. Some of the cities on the list are those who boast great natural parks but some of the surprising cities that made it on the list are those who have facilitated commuting via bicycles or hospitable climates which allow people to get out doors the most often.
1. Honolulu, Hawaii
2. Anchorage, Alaska
3. New Orleans, Louisiana
4. Portland, Oregon
5. Virginia Beach, Virginia
6. Madison, Wisconsin
7. Oakland, California
8. Washington, D.C.
9. Seattle, Washington
10. San Francisco, California