October 2017

Expectations are a confident belief or strong hope that a particular event will happen. We all have them. Some expectations are routine and get us through the day. When we were younger, our expectations were simpler. Oh the excitement of anticipating what Santa Claus would bring us. As we got a little older our expectations changed. We all had a crush on someone in school and expected that puppy love to last forever. As we grew into our adult years, our expectations mostly matured with us. Some expectations we just can’t wait for…like that bucket list vacation we have dreamt about for years. Or perhaps we foolishly believe we will win that mega lotto jackpot. No one said all our expectations had to be reality based right?

An expectation can also be defined as a standard of conduct or performance expected by or of somebody. In our workplace, employers expect its employees to perform their job as defined and do it well. Parents expect their children to follow the ‘house rules’. Society as a whole expects its citizens to follow the golden rule. If we fail at any of these obligations there can be unpleasant consequences.

Companies expect to meet or exceed sales pro-formas to satisfy lenders. Businesses also expect their employees to carry out company policy and other established criteria. In turn, employees expect to be treated fairly and with respect in terms of compensation, working conditions and promotional opportunities. 


For new home sales there are certainly diverse expectations by all involved parties. Agents expect traffic during the course of the day. But what does the agent anticipate when they see someone entering their sales office? Hopefully a sale! But additionally, they should understand they are obligated to treat that prospect as a valued customer. Agents are obligated to execute an effective sales presentation to guide and counsel that buyer through the difficult challenge of buying a new home. As we are currently in a Seller’s market, this can be a stressful endeavor. The agent is expected to maintain professionalism when they are faced with a frustrated homebuyer competing for a spot on a priority list once they have been prequalified. Or perhaps that buyer can’t get the exact home they really want and has to settle for an alternate plan.

Agents unrealistically expect buyers to understand the maze they will encounter to purchase a new construction home. This is not a good expectation. Sales agents should determine if the prospective buyer has purchased new construction before. Even if the buyer has purchased multiple homes, if they have never purchased new, they are entering a whole different world of the company’s expectations. The company expects the buyer to make timely decisions to meet deadlines, cut off dates, etc. In the re-sale market, they have their agent guiding them through the purchase process. In new home sales, they have the seller’s agent guiding them. 

What does the prospective buyer expect? Their dream home.  Preferably, a home they can move into sooner rather than later. The thought of having to be in transitional housing before their new home is completed is not a situation everyone wants to go through. The buyer also expects to find a home that meets their housing needs and within their price range. What a challenge that can be. How can they find the right home when the best they can do is go from community to community to get on a waiting list with some remote hope of sometime getting a chance at purchasing a home? And then find price increases while they wait for the next release of homes!

A buyer has many questions, concerns, and expectations. They need to be heard and treated in a manner that makes them feel like more than a number on a priority list. The personal upheaval in their lives over 2-10 months (sometimes longer) creates a level of tension that at times can explode. 

LeBlanc & Associates always strives to meet its clients’ expectations. Our standard has always been delivering a quality product with a high level of service. You should expect the same from your sales team. We look forward to being your partner in confirming which of your agents share this standard. It’s easy! Call, email or submit an online request. We promise to address your questions, needs, concerns.

Top 10 Most Expensive Countries
In an article by Business Insider, they rated the most expensive countries to live based on factors such as the cost of food, transportation, and rent. Perhaps predictably, the most expensive country also is home to the most expensive city in the world.
10. Luxembourg
9. Qatar
8. United Arab Emirates
7. Bahamas
6. Norway
5. Singapore
4. Iceland
3. Hong Kong
2. Switzerland
1. Bermuda
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