November 2018

When getting her Oscar many years ago, Sally Fields once gushed, “You like me!” For sales agents, their Oscar is an earned commission. Sometimes there is an industry trophy, but in the end it is all about money earned for great performance. However to get the sale, buyers have to like and trust the agent.

So how do sales agents get buyers to like them?

Rapport is a critical component for any type of sales. Its importance for the sales process has been talked about forever. While we tend to assume rapport building is a given in any sales environment, I still find agents who do not know how to make that personal connection. Or perhaps they don’t care to make the effort?


You can define rapport any way you like but in the end it is about getting the buyer to like and trust you.

Whether someone does or does not like you significantly directs how your selling process and the buyers' decision process will go. If you don’t establish rapport, you can’t create a comfort zone. If the buyer doesn’t feel comfortable in your selling environment, then it is very likely you won’t get the sale.

Sales agents must incorporate a ‘getting to know you’ process into their sales presentations. When you learn something personal about a prospect, then you have begun to set the stage to build trust.


In a recent article by the RAIN Group they identify the 4 Principles of Rapport:

1. Empathy: Be curious. Listen. Care.

People will share details about themselves if you can show them that you actually listened to them. If you show you care, they'll be inclined to like you.

2. Authenticity: Be real.

Over-friendliness and saccharin-sweetness come across as obvious ruses. They don’t work.

3. Similarity: Find common ground.

Anyone who has shared a favorite TV show, a favorite sport, a favorite activity, kids the same age, hobbies, and so on understands the personal connection with someone just because of that one similarity.

4. Shared Experience: Interact.

People who are talked at don't feel connected to the speaker. To create a sense of ownership for the buyer, engage them in a two way conversation. When you do, not only will they like you more, it is more likely they will take action on whatever it is you want them to do.

With a changing market, agents must be more than order takers. Does your sales team take the time to get to know their prospective buyers? To learn if that personal connection is being made, Video Profiles from LeBlanc & Associates provide you the full story via the visual and verbal documentation.

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Top 10 Most Earth-Friendly Cities In America
To determine the ranking, factors such as the number of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings, number of farmer's markets, electric car plug-ins, and bike lanes were used.
In order to best evaluate the cities, surrounding areas were also considered in order to include a population of over 1 million.
10. Cincinnati, OH / Neighboring areas in KY, IN
9. San Francisco, Oakland, Hayward, CA
8. Providence, Warwick, RI
7. Hartford, West Hartford, East Hartford, CT
6. New York, NY / Newark, Jersey City, NJ / and areas in PA
5. San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, CA
4. Boston, Cambridge, Newton, MA
3. Washington DC / Arlington, Alexandria, VA
2. Portland, OR and surrounding areas
1. Austin, Round Rock, TX
Honorable Mentions: Seattle, Tucson, San Diego
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