November 2017

While listening to one of my favorite radio stations the other day, I heard an oldie by Chaka Kahn-Tell Me Something Good. Remember that one? (Tell me something good. Tell me that you love me.) That song brought me to this month’s newsletter. So you ask yourself what is Mary talking about now?! 

I often see the similarities between sales and music. As I see it, both the sales professional and an entertainer share 7 essentials for a successful performance. They need to: 

1)    Get a feel for their audience
2)    Connect with their audience
3)    Hold their attention
4)    Deliver a top notch performance
5)    Make the audience feel good
6)    Close the act on a high note
7)    Receive some love
Sales agents need buyers to tell them something good which in short is: they are ready to buy a new home, like your product and community, are financially OK, no home to sell, and want to move forward! Now that is receiving some love after engaging that buyer for whatever time it takes to get from the greeting to signing on the dotted line. We all know that the process is not quite as easy or smooth. But when an agent gets there, they sure are feeling good. Not to mention they can also tell their managers something good!


Additionally, both the entertainer and the sales professional need to be rewarded with some love: a standing ovation for one and a sale for the other. I think most of us can vividly recall the best concert we have ever attended. And many of us can recall at least one sales superstar we have observed. Both are a joy to experience. And they both make their performance seem so easy!

In return, a prospective buyer needs to be told something good. And they also hope to receive some love. When a ready and motivated buyer enters our sales centers, they anticipate they will find that perfect home. They also hope, if they have been looking for a while, that they will encounter an agent that is truly listening to them vs. giving them the company spiel. Unfortunately not all agents are telling their prospective buyers what they need or want to hear. 

Agents do need to incorporate certain basics into their sales presentation to be effective. When we video shop sales or leasing agents, our reports rate them on those basics. But the basics are merely the foundation and framing of what needs to happen. There really is no way to objectively rate how an agent handles the intangibles. Do they make a prospective buyer feel good about their sales experience? Each Super Star agent has their own way of achieving that goal. While a song might help, most agents can’t break into the entertainment mode. So they have to find their own way to make their buyer feel good about their product and community. This is what validates a buyer’s decision to move forward or not with a purchase.

Each sales encounter should be somewhat different for each visitor to your community. Besides changing it up to avoid the robotic nature of the same greeting, same quick qualifiers, etc., agents must keep in mind that each buyer has their own unique personality and way to process information. You will hear entertainers say how different a Tuesday audience is different from one on a Friday. Same for sales. Some days you will get a Tuesday buyer. Other times you get the weekend crowd. So agents have to adapt to who is in front of them. That is the balancing act in sales….remember your basics but be flexible. It takes practice and a desire to achieve flexibility.

So what do buyers want to hear? It is not necessarily always what you want to tell them. They basically want to know that you are paying attention to what they are saying in terms of their housing preferences, needs, timing and whatever concerns they might have. Not all buyers need your long list of features at the moment they enter the sales office. Sure they will eventually want to know, but again it is in the delivery of this information. Timing is everything.


Not every prospective buyer is familiar with buying new construction. If they have bought resale, certain things come with the home including most appliances, window coverings, existing landscaping, and a property inspection report. So beyond knowing everything is new, the buyer also needs to know what comes included and what they need to pay for. But you need to time the delivery of this information. If a buyer asks, then of course inform. But why not get them emotionally hooked before you discuss the whole long list of standard features and upgrades? Tell them something good.

LeBlanc & Associates has a long history of telling our clients something good about their sales teams. Our Video Profiles will document how effective your sales team is in creating the sale. Our reports will provide insightful information to assess and determine where skill reinforcement is needed. At times we also document those agents who expect the sale to come to them. Either way, you need to know. It’s easy! Call, email or submit an online request.

Top 10 Cities On The Edge Of Greatness
Teleworking is a new spin on the term telecommuting and refers to the ease and availability at which to allow an individual to complete their work anytime, anywhere. The number you see after each city is the total annual savings in millions. Rankings were determined based on factors such as commuting, internet infrastructure, extreme climate, and natural hazards.
10. Cincinnati, OH $307.2
9. Tampa, FL $376.2
8. Orlando, FL $246.8
7. Columbus, OH $229.1
6. Sacramento, CA $324.6
5. Indianapolis, IN $204.5
4. San Diego, CA $602.2
3. Denver, CO $542.5
2. Baltimore, MD $542.2
1. San Jose, CA $545.8
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