May 2018

Whether you have served in the military or not, most of us are familiar with reveille. That rude and loud wake up call. That bugle does get one’s attention doesn’t it? That is just what it was intended to do. Wake up the troops and get them moving. It is a call to action. 

As I review videos, I often feel so many agents need that wake up call. They need a call to action. Complacency is the hidden danger of a demand market. Agents just assume someone is going to purchase their homes with little to no effort on their part. Wrong assumption. Short of piping in a reveille recording into the sales office, some agents need some form of a wake up call. Usually that comes through the process of video shops and reports. 


We all know agents need to arrive at their sales centers fully prepared and conduct effective sales presentations. Their call to action is to discover, guide, connect, inform, educate and create the sale. Unfortunately, I have witnessed way too many show and tell encounters. Show and tell is for tour guides, not sales agents.

Sales agents can’t afford to be complacent. Companies can’t afford to have complacent agents. For the most part, sales are strong because of demand market conditions. But for anyone who has been in this industry for any length of time, a seller’s market can turn into a buyer’s market seemingly overnight. No one knows how increasing prices and rising interest rates will affect sales.  Then what? Can your sales team hit the deck running?

Your sales people literally have the future of your company in their hands. Without sales, a company can’t generate revenue. The last thing any company needs is a lot of standing inventory or empty units. 
Agents must never assume that visitors to their communities realize and appreciate what you are selling. As I was frequently told in my younger years, “I can’t hear your head rattle”. Verbal communication is essential.

No matter how wonderful and innovative your product is, if your front line can't - or won’t- sufficiently inform and educate prospects, the buyers likely won’t purchase what you are selling. What is in the agent’s head has to be clearly conveyed to their prospective buyers. They must demonstrate product. Too many defer to their printed material.  

Conveying product information is a balancing act. Agents must never information dump. That just numbs people. An agent needs to pace their delivery and wait for the appropriate time. Then they need to deliver sufficient information that is targeted to who they are selling. Some people want to know every little detail. Others just need the essentials. Know your buyer. 

At LeBlanc & Associates, our clients have found our Video Profiles to be their sales team’s reveille. Combined with our reports, we provide you with the essentials to determine who needs that wakeup call along with those super stars that make your day shine a little brighter. Don’t wait until the 11th hour for that call to action. LeBlanc & Associates welcomes the opportunity to help you learn who in your sales team is truly selling and which ones are the tour guides. 

Connect with us. It is easy! Call. Email. Submit an online request. We are ready to hit the deck running.

Top 12 Movie Locations
Here are some of the best locations featured in films that you can actually visit. List by
12. “Nebraska” Location: Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
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10. “Silver Linings Playbook” Locations: Llanerch Diner and the Ben Franklin House
9. “127 Hours” Location: Homestead Crater near Park City, Utah
8. “The Ring 2” Location: Astoria, Oregon
7. “Napoleon Dynamite” Location: Preston High School, Preston, Idaho
6. “Sideways” Location: The Hitching Post II, Buellton, California
5. “Groundhog Day” Location: Royal Victorian Manor B&B, Woodstock, Illinois
4. “Field of Dreams” Location: The Field of Dreams Movie Site, Dyersville, Iowa
3. “Blade Runner” Location: Bradbury Building, Los Angeles, California
2. “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” Location: Devil's Tower, Wyoming
1. “The Wizard of Oz” Location: Dorothy's House & the Land of Oz, Liberal, Kansas
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