March 2019

Choice vs obligation. Sometimes we conflate the two. If it’s an obligation, there is no choice or decision to be made. You must then do what you have to do. However, if you do have a choice, then make your decision, good or bad, and own the choice.

Our daily lives present us with the challenge of making many choices. It can start in the morning with getting up when the alarm goes off or hitting that snooze button. Or selecting what clothes to wear. Or which route to take to work. Have lunch with Jim or Janet? And every choice has a cost. As most of us know from experience, bad choices can cost us dearly. Once you know the value of the alternative choices you’re giving up, you can then make a smarter decision.


When making choices, there is the opportunity cost of time. Sometimes we must make an immediate decision when presented with a couple of options. No time to think it through. However we mostly have some time to assess and evaluate the pros and cons of our pending decision.

Sales agents are continually faced with making time choices. How an agent approaches each day, each prospective buyer, and how they will effectively use their time, is all about choices. If it is a busy traffic day, does the agent welcome each visitor and quickly determine which prospect will get more of their attention? Or will all visitors be handed a brochure, directed to the models and decide for themselves if they want to speak with the agent. Will an agent take the time with a serious prospect to offer a full sales presentation or will they just offer a show and tell so they can back to their computer work? Choices.

Our last edition of Smarter Selling talked about self investment to enhance sales skills. Access to learning has never been more abundant in the age of the internet. So will the agent spend their internet time watching funny animal videos on YouTube or spend that time working prospect leads? Will they find the time to become better at their profession? A couple of minutes of funny videos during a hectic day can be beneficial. A half hour or longer, not so much. The animal video will make us laugh for a few minutes. Learning a new skill will be with us forever. Finding a buyer will generate revenue. Choices.

Companies also have choices to make. Do you stay with the status quo of doing nothing with your sales team or invest in their performance skills? As bad decisions can be costly, management needs to weigh the pros and cons of their decisions. Video shopping your sales team presents a clear performance picture for both management and the sales agent. You can see and hear what works, what needs to be modified and what needs to be eliminated.

LeBlanc & Associates will be your partner to help you make those decisions. Our videos give you the full picture. Our reports offer a comprehensive rating and narrative assessment. Allowing sales to walk out your sales office doors is not a good choice.

Connecting with us is easy. You have choices! Call. Email. Submit an online request.

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Top Prospect Cities for Senior Housing Development
1. McAllen, TX

2. Augusta, GA

3. Virginia Beach, VA

4. Salt Lake City, UT

5. Greensboro, NC

6. Las Vegas, NV

7. Ogden, UT

8. El Paso, TX

9. Colorado, Springs, CO

10. Richmond, VA

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