July 2019

There are all types of games in life but the numbers game seems to affect just about every aspect of our lives. If we apply for a loan, we need a good number on our FICO score. We are not supposed to go faster than the posted speed limit. TV shows live and die by their ratings numbers. Buying a lotto ticket? It’s all in the numbers. Baking a cake? Better use the recommended number measurement. Doctors are always talking to us about our numbers…weight, cholesterol levels, etc. Then there is test taking. Test taking is like a championship game. A whole lot is riding on it.

As we progressed up the educational ladder, the learning challenges became greater. One of these challenges was realizing how the numbers game affected our success in school. In college I learned the true effect of the numbers game through the dreaded ‘Bell curve’ ranking system. This method was supposed to be an efficient way to identify top-performers. I am sure it was efficient. Not so sure how fair it was.


When all you have are numbers to work with, only a limited number of individuals can be ranked in the top category. What the Bell curve doesn’t factor in are the good test takers vs. those who have actually learned the material.

When companies mystery shop their agents, they need to have a fair and objective process. Clearly this process is definitely not a game. Since sales professionals are so much more than their score, if your sole rating criteria are just the agents’ shop scores, a good agent could be considered at best Average. There can be technically perfect agents who receive high scores but are not your top performers. There are also agents who have actually performed exceedingly well but could be categorized as Average because their score was not high enough. Being a good test taker is not the same as learning something. Learning something requires consistently doing whatever that something is.

Yes sales can be a numbers game. Agents need to hit pro-forma numbers. However they should not give away the farm by offering buyers deep incentives just to meet those numbers. An agent receiving an Average ranking, when they are meeting their numbers and not selling incentives first, should have more than their score factored into their evaluation process.

Those companies who have used LeBlanc & Associates for their mystery shopping needs know that we provide more than just a score card. The reports we generate use a Yes/No/Vague rating system which have numerical valuations. We have always felt this was the most objective way to grade an agent. Additionally, LeBlanc & Associates provides relevant narrative to substantiate our scoring. Of course the video must always be viewed to bring a report to life.

You can paint by numbers, but does the final product have the same value as a painting done by a skilled artist? The same goes for evaluating your sales team. LeBlanc & Associates specializes in the housing industry. This is our expertise. So when it is time to video shop your sales team, make sure the process is more than a numbers game. A score card gives you a numerical ranking and while useful, numbers alone do not provide the true value of your top performers.

LeBlanc & Associates would like to be your partner in this process of determining who is actually doing what it takes to be a top performer. It’s easy to get our number: Call. Email. Submit an online request.

10 Summer Cities
To celebrate the summer, we are looking at some of the best cities to be in during this season. Rankings were decided by factors such as temperature (60–80 degree range), humidity, and precipitation.
1. Honolulu, HI
2. Los Angeles, CA
3. San Diego, CA
4. San Jose, CA
5. Oxnard, CA
6. San Francisco, CA
7. Cleveland, OH
8. Buffalo, NY
9. Rochester, NY
10. Seattle, WA
1. McAllen, TX
2. Houston, TX
3. Lakeland, FL
4. Cape Coral, FL
5. Orlando, FL
6. Baton Rouge, LA
7. Jackson, MS
8. New Orleans, LA
9. San Antonio, TX
10. Austin, TX
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