July 2018

As young tykes, many of us experienced the excitement of storytelling which opened our minds to an imaginary world. That imaginary world was different for each of us. Today story telling is different. It is primarily conveyed through electronic devices. No doubt the visual effects are impressive. But it does take away the personal experience of creating your own visual. Hopefully the very young are still read bedtime stories!

Is not the art of sales also the art of storytelling? For consumers, just about everything we buy comes with a story. That jazzy car we see advertised entices us with a story about how our life will change if we only owned that car. All kinds of advertisements use words and visuals that convey the story of a better life if we only purchased that product. The subliminal message is that we can’t live without that car, beverage, household cleaner, or whatever the 30 or 60 second slot is selling. 


For the sales professional, and particularly in the housing industry, storytelling can be a challenge. For the most part agents are presented with a consumer who is continually influenced by the immediacy of the visual. Telling your product story strictly by words is an accomplishment only a very few select professionals can achieve. That is why I am puzzled by how many agents who are provided all kinds of visual aids in their sales centers don’t use them. Really?

The sales professional must of course listen to their prospect to focus on the buyer’s stated needs and preferences. Agents must then personalize their presentation to that information. But as we stated in our last newsletter, words matter.

How the sales professional conveys their product and community story directly affects their desired result. Yes we have a demand market. For many communities, the homes seemingly fly off the shelf. This market creates a serious challenge as the inherent human trait to take the shortcut can easily creep in. Unfortunately, some agents subconsciously develop the ‘take it or leave it’ attitude. I have seen that expression on their faces.  Hopefully our Video Profiles provide these agents with a much needed wake up call to treat every prospect as a valued customer. After all does not the agent have to create a reason for the prospect to want to be on a waiting list?

Like in music, foreign languages, sports, etc., if you don’t use it you will lose it. If sales agents don’t use the art of storytelling, then they become show and tell agents. Show and tell does not help the prospective buyer imagine their lifestyle in that home or become emotionally attached. All they see are objects-not a home. 

Agents must invest enough time to develop their story telling skills. They must care enough to use those skills. And they must persist enough to ensure their story convinces their prospective buyer that what is being sold is worth it. And yes, that they can’t live without it.

LeBlanc & Associates will document your agent’s story telling skills through our Video Profile series. Does your sales team know how to tell their community story? Do they create that emotional bond? Do they create the visual? 

Tell us your story. Connect with us online, email or give us a call. It’s easy!

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