January 2019

Welcome 2019! Another New Year for us to chronicle our lives on the pages of our annual journals. Those journals start with blank pages each year. How each of us completes each page will vary. If resolutions were made, some will be kept, some forgotten and some will fall under the incomplete column. None of us are perfect right?

Perfection is something we all appreciate and strive for. The term picture perfect is often used for some event or experience. However do understand that with most things in our personal or professional lives, perfection is not a sustainable goal. Sure non-professional golfers do on occasion hit that perfect hole in one. All of us get ecstatic when driving to our designation and we hit that sweet spot called no congestion because we timed it right. But do we take perfection for granted? Should we?

In sales, if the seller continually promotes their product or service as perfect, are you not then expected to deliver it? Are you able to continually provide perfection? Or are there too many unforeseen variables to disrupt your promised perfection?


In sales, there is a difference between striving for excellence vs. perfection. One does not necessarily equate to the other. Have you known people who are great test takers (perfection) but do not successfully execute their craft? I have seen video shops of numerous agents who fall under this category. They say and do the right thing and receive a very good score. But their sales presentation is rote making that essential personal connection impossible to happen.

There are certain factors agents need to consider when striving to improve their sales presentations:

1. If you sell perfection, then you have to deliver it. But how do you get there? By developing a system. You can never wing it. A system is what you learn in sales training. What are the steps I need to use? What product knowledge is essential? When you have developed a successful system, then use it. You can improve and adapt it, but don’t stray from it.


2. Your competition also promises perfection. So if a buyer has 3 communities on their short list, which version of perfect will they believe? If every community is perfect, that means they are all the same right? If they are all the same, then the buyer will make their purchase decision based on their perceived best value. If the agent does not create true value for their product over their competition, then that purchase decision will be based on the lowest price.

3. Not every home or community is 100% perfect. If you’re going to offer something that’s imperfect (buyer’s objections), then make it as good as you possibly can. Don’t worry about selling perfect. You’re selling interesting. You’re selling possibility. You’re selling connection. All of which is up to the agent to create.

So here we are. A New Year with new sales goals. It is time to confirm how your sales team is selling. LeBlanc & Associates will partner with you to provide the audio-visual documentation to verify if you have good test takers or great sales agents. We don’t promise perfection. We do promise a high level of personal service by a company whose sole focus and expertise is the housing industry. We offer both management and agents a valuable training tool. Our reports include substantive narrative creating value beyond the score.

Connect with us. Call. Email. Submit an online request. It’s easy!

Top 10 Most Modern Cities
October 2 was World Habitat Day, which reflects on the current state of our cities and looks toward the future. This list features some of the most modern cities in the world.
1. Tokyo, Japan.
Cutting edge technology, investing in startups.
2. Singapore.
Contemporary architecture, business-friendly economy, great education system, strict laws on crime, thriving art scene.
3. Tallinn, Estonia.
Early adopter of new technology (e-voting was common in 2007).
4. Helsinki, Finland.
Technology, social progress, modern architecture.
5. Bangalore, India.
Innovative IT, local entrepreneurs, home to over half of India’s biotech industry.
6. Shanghai, China
One of the world’s largest cities, home to top financial center.
7. Seoul, South Korea.
World Design Capital 2010, great art scene, museums, architecture.
8. San Francisco, USA.
Technology, start-ups, socially progressive.
9. London, UK.
Highest quality of life in UK, infrastructure, public transportation.
10. Hong Kong.
Modern architecture, parks, financial sector, public transportation.
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