January 2018

It is that time of year when many of us have made a list of resolutions to start our journey into a new year. Sometimes we keep them. Other times, well not so much. Such is the nature of will power and determination in our human psyche.

Sales professionals should always be faithful to their professional resolutions. They need to fully resolve to strive for excellence. As we all know this does not happen overnight. With a combination of training, practice and time, excellence is achievable.  This is no different than for most goals in our lives.

Here are some components to achieving sales excellence:
•    Capability & Competency
Much of competency is dependent on what we have written about before. Trust.  Trusting in someone’s capability means buyers need to believe you. Buyers must trust the person. 


People in general think they're better at things than they really are.  Few of us can excel at everything. For the housing industry (new homes, senior living and leasing), most sales professionals think they're very capable. However, they tend to overestimate their capability. Buyers are inclined to be more skeptical. I can tell you that from years of viewing video profiles and writing evaluation reports, most agents are not super stars.  They may be strong in some aspects of their sales presentations, but seldom do these agents have a gold star rating. Some do, but those few agents are at the top 1% of their field. Many agents can delude themselves into thinking how great they are when all they know is a seller’s market; or they are fortunate to be at the right place and the right time where demand trumps the sales agent’s sales skills. This illusionary sense of greatness will come back to haunt them on their next project, or the next housing cycle, whichever comes first.

•    Expertise 
The agent needs to make it their business to be a source of knowledge. Too many buyers don't trust an agent because that agent does come across as having expertise in their field. Agents need to demonstrate thorough knowledge about their company, product, community, competition, and the buying process. They must convey that knowledge with confidence. If an agent doesn’t have an answer to a buyer’s question, then they must quickly get that piece of information to their prospect in a follow-up call or email. 

•    Dependability
Can your buyers count on you? Do what you promise and do it well. It goes beyond the one on one between the agent and his/her buyer. The agent reflects the company they are selling for. Any negative action by the agent compromises the company brand.

•    Integrity
Everyone has experienced buying something that turned out to be not what was promised. It's up to the agent to demonstrate they have integrity. Buyers won't just assume it. Always do the right thing.  After conducting your qualification process and find your prospective buyer is just not a right match, the sale is not going to happen. The right thing to do would be to refer the prospect elsewhere (a sister community or even a competitor). Or guide that buyer to a smaller home, apartment, etc.  Buyers trust sellers who have their best interests in mind.  


•    Rapport
How many times have we discussed the importance of building and maintaining rapport? If you don't connect with people on a personal level, you're leaving aside a critical component of the sales process. Find one or two points of interest and have that non-business discussion. It humanizes (personalizes) the sales process.

When it is time to confirm how resolved your agents are to achieving sales excellence, LeBlanc & Associates will be your partner to document your agents’ commitment to their profession. Our Video Profiles provide the all important visual of what is said, how it is said and of significant importance, the agent’s body language. Call, email or submit an online request. Happy 2018 to all!

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