As we all start our new venture down the winding road of 2015, we will need to sort out which of our resolutions we will keep. That is if you made any. Some of us will start new professional ventures and others will continue in their current profession. Some of us will change something in our personal lives. Could be a minor change or something more grand. Whatever direction this coming year takes each of us, we should all be open to learning something new to enhance our personal and professional lives. If we don’t, we will end up being stale and stagnant. None of us want to end up beyond a ‘pull date’. Our mandate is to keep it fresh.

Learning something new is a process. Depending on what it is, it could be a short process or a very lengthy one. To succeed however, you must be ready, willing and committed to learn. Otherwise we set ourselves up for frustration and failure. Probably most of us have been there and done that with learning something new. Commitment for the long term is usually our biggest short coming.

In new home sales, agents have learned to qualify for the ready, willing and able buyer. These are ‘A’ list buyers and good agents will work that list. For themselves, sales agents must also self-qualify and get on their own ‘A’ list. To do that, they need to learn something new to enhance their sales performance. They need to ask themselves if they are ready, willing and committed to learning something different. Self-evaluation is not always easy as you have to take the personal and subjective out of the process. Creating a list of what you can do as well as what you need to do will help chart the course to change. 

What is needed to change? 
•    Step One:  The Readiness Factor. If an agent is not happy with their sales rate, then that is a first step. Or, if an agent has been mystery shopped and they are not satisfied with their performance. An agent needs to review their report, view the video or listen to the audio multiple times, and objectively assess what works and what needs to change. They will have to dissect every aspect of their sales presentation from the greeting to the closing. If an agent can honestly tell themselves they need to change something, then they are ready. 

•    Step Two:  The Willingness Factor. The second step is believing in the need to do something different. It goes beyond just saying ‘I will change’. The agent must internalize the acknowledgement into a firm conviction. ‘I will change’ then becomes I WILL change. Can you hear the difference?

•    Step Three:  The Action Factor. What do I need to do? Attend seminars? Take online courses? Find a mentor?  Reach out to colleagues? Any and all of these resources are readily available to those who make that effort to learn something new. If you know you have a super star agent on your sales team, reach out to them. Observe them and discuss how they learned to become a top performer. Sometimes finding a sales professional in another industry will bring a fresh idea that can be modified to new home sales. Keep it fresh!

Make the learning exercise worthwhile. Don’t expect to be perfect but strive for perfection.

Keep an open mind. Old baggage and preconceived ideas create barriers to learning new techniques. They must be jettisoned. Getting rid of these obstacles brings you the freedom to experiment. Let’s face it, we have all tried some new technique or process. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But we must leave ourselves open to trying and experimenting to expand our personal and professional lives. 

One of the most unique testimonials to excellence I have experienced over the years was when a new home sales agent directly hired me to mystery shop her. This had nothing to do with her company but just her own personal desire to be the best agent possible. She took a bold step to improving her craft. Need I say she was a top performer?

LeBlanc & Associates welcomes the opportunity to be your partner in creating a successful sales team. When you are ready to confirm you have an ‘A’ list sales team, call or email. That is your first action step.