There are many ways to become a great sales professional. A great sales agent just does not pop into the world with ‘natural born’ sales skills. To achieve performance excellence, there are numerous steps an agent must take. Preparation is one. Persistence. Knowledge. Practice. Dedication. And the most important….a personal desire to be the best at what you do.



Being a sales professional is much like being a scout:  Always Be Prepared. Without sufficient preparation, an agent will not be knowledgeable or be confident. Today’s buyer will sense in a heartbeat if an agent does not know what they are talking about. Faltering and offering excuses will not cut it. Have you prepared your discovery process so you can get to know your prospect and learn what would make them become a buyer? Buyers have hidden agendas and concerns. It is impossible to overcome obstacles or objections without preparing a way to resolve them. With appropriate preparation, an agent can effectively create a reason for the buyer to purchase at their community vs. the competition.

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Preparation requires learning new facts and procedures as well as reinforcing what works. Learning is not achieved in a one day seminar or from a one-time review of a book or online course.  In sales, the learning process is like learning to play a musical instrument, learning a sport, or learning another language. You must be persistent and keep trying. The day you stop learning is the day you stop your professional growth.



Every agent must know their craft.  Every agent must know their product. They must know their competition. They must know their area amenities. They must know their company and builder. With knowledge comes power.  When I say power, I refer to the self-empowering advantage an agent will have over the competition. When the buyer has your competition on their short list, how well an agent knows that competitor community (product, community information, construction features, warranties, etc.) will empower them to sell the advantages of their own product. If a buyer tries to drive down the price because ‘ABC’ community is offering a good deal, knowing what your home has included in its base price will create more value for that buyer. With knowledge you can address or correct a buyer’s perception of your product. Agents need to work their own product and community vs. having the buyer (or the competition) work it for them. Know your Unique Selling Points. Know your Exclusive Selling Points that can only be found in your product. And make sure both Selling Points are important for the buyer. Otherwise all you will be doing is information dumping.


Remember your mother telling you that practice makes perfect? While the best of sales professionals may not always be perfect, their drive to become perfect is what sets them apart. Learn. Practice. Repeat. Learn. Practice. Repeat. No professional performs 100% all the time. Our human condition does not allow for it. Just ask any professional athlete about a less than perfect performance. But with practice, we develop confidence.


Unless an agent thinks of sales as a profession, they will not succeed. Every professional whether it be music, medicine, art, or sports, must be dedicated to what they do. How else can you reach the top? While some natural talent comes into play, it is not the sole factor in achieving success. Without dedication, you will never put into play all the necessary steps to get to the top.

When it comes time to determine if your sales team has what it takes to excel at their chosen profession, give us a call! LeBlanc & Associates will be your partner in the assessment process. We will be your eyes and ears so we can help your agents perfect their sales skills. We are dedicated to your success.