April 2019

Are we there yet? Young children continually ask this question from the back seat while driving with their parents. It makes no difference if it is 10 minutes into the trip or 1 hour. Parents do their best to assure their children that they are almost there. It usually doesn’t work because time is age relative. When we are young, time needs to move faster. We are impatient and we just can’t wait to get ‘there’. As we get older, the ‘there’ comes along way too fast.

In our adult years, we find other ways to determine if we are ‘there’ yet. As we set goals, personal or professional, we need to know if we are reaching them. If not, why not? No longer in the back seat of the family car, we look elsewhere for the answers. We initially outsource the verification process but in the end, we need to turn to ourselves for an honest assessment.


In the housing industry, the question of ‘are we there yet’ is a critical component in sales management. The goal for all managers is to have a team of super stars. For agents, with proper guidance and training, they can reach their desired destination of sales excellence. But the journey takes hard work and discipline. Impatience doesn’t serve skill building well.

Agents should continually ask themselves the ‘there’ question. The process usually starts as the result of a mystery shop. Once an agent receives their evaluation report and/or video to review, he/she must then take the results to their own personal classroom. The first step is just an overall review to get a sense of the sales presentation as well as to get beyond the bad hair day. The second step is to review their video and report again and break it down into the technical. The last step is to review the video and report with their manager to have honest discussion about how the agent can improve in targeted areas.

Self-evaluation is not an easy process. Reading your report and viewing your video needs to be as objective as if you were assessing someone else. However, once the effort is made and new skills are put in place, an agent will see the light at the end of the tunnel. (LeBlanc & Associates offers our clients a self-evaluation guide for agents to use. Feel free to request a copy to distribute to your sales team).

LeBlanc & Associates has always believed that evaluation reports should be more than a numerical assessment. While scores are a base indicator of overall performance, they are not the whole picture. Equate scores to the foundation and framework of a home. Both are essential. Yet, how many times does a prospective buyer see the same plan with different elevations, quickly eliminate one or two, and gravitate to another? They will even wait a few extra months to purchase so they get a stone front exterior.

The elevation equivalent in a sales presentation is how the agent delivers information. This is the critical component of any sales presentation. Everyone involved in the review process should look and assess beyond the score. What do you see and hear? How is the information delivered and obtained? Is the agent relaxed? Outgoing? Enthusiastic? Able to gain the trust of the prospective buyer? Able to get the buyer to provide information in a conversational manner vs. the 20 question drill process? Is the agent involved in the total process? Body language? The list goes on but this is crucial information that makes an agent excel in their profession.

When you need to know if your sales team is ‘there’ yet, LeBlanc & Associates will provide you with the necessary tools to determine if your team has a ways to go or has reached their destination. Our comprehensive reports provide you the foundation and framework. Our videos provide you the elevation.

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