The sales team is the front line for any company’s financial survival. Without successful sales strategies and effective personnel in place, no company will meet its performance goals and objectives.

In the world of sales, while there are black and white components, it is mostly a world of grey scale. The sales profession is anything but boring and definitely not your 9-5 job. There are periods of great rushes and periods of lows. Sometimes we find ourselves on a roll and other times we wonder what is not working. However, despite all its fluctuations, whether you are selling a product or service, there are always constants that apply to the profession. One of the constants is some form of performance measurement. There are many ways to assess the strength of any sales professional. Is the agent liked by his/her clients?  Does he/she represent the company well?  Is the agent willing to learn? However, the main performance measurement is looking at how much an agent is selling. Are they meeting and exceeding goals or are sales lagging? If sales are lagging, is it product related or agent performance related? To know which one it is, you have to eliminate the other.

While many companies have internal tools and processes in place to evaluate sales performance, most companies should look outside for an independent assessment. This is important for those companies who resist the mystery shopping process. Sometimes there is a personal attachment to sales professionals that clouds objective judgement. Yet you need to help the agent move forward. 


Mystery Shops Are Your Directional Map
For the housing market, (new homes, apartments and the senior housing market), it is vital to incorporate mystery shopping into your sales programs. The process of mystery shopping is to provide management a baseline assessment as well as a directional map of where they need to take the sales team to reach peak performance levels. And always remember that performance evaluations should never be a negative exercise. 

Mystery shopping frontline sales personnel can be a wakeup call. The process is informative, educational and when used correctly, a highly effective training tool.
Whether on the telephone or on site, the sales process starts with the first ‘hello’. We need to document that first impression.
o    Do your agents convey a welcoming demeanor, confidence and knowledge?
o    Do your agents implement your sales training programs and policies?
o    Do your agents instill a sense of trust, honesty, and caring?
o    Do your agents create value in your product and community?
o    Do your agents create a reason for the prospective client to commit?
o    Do your agents assume the sale and ask for a commitment?

Choices. There are many options to sift through when selecting how to assess your sales team. When selecting a mystery shopping company, have that conversation with them to guide you.
For LeBlanc & Associates, while we offer Audio Profiles, it is our Video Profile series that will  fully document and confirm both the Kudos and ‘Oh No’s’ that happen on a daily basis. Our Video Profiles provide the added benefit of seeing your personnel and sales environment through the eyes of prospective clients. Our report options are comprehensive and objective learning tools.

There are a myriad of companies to choose from. So make an informed decision based on what best meets your needs.
LeBlanc & Associates:
o    Our credentials are well established.
o    Our name is trusted.
o    Our focus and expertise is the housing industry. Nothing else.
o    Quality product and service is never an option.
o    We offer the highest level of personal service.

Timing is everything. Whether it is once a year, twice or multiple times a year, sooner is better than later.  You cannot afford to lose sales.

Give us a call! LeBlanc & Associates is happy to talk and guide you towards the right path of sales success!

Top 5 Best/Worst States to Make a Living looked at wages, taxes, cost of living, unemployment and workplace safety to see which U.S. states are the best and worst places to work. High cost of living made Hawaii the most difficult place to make a living, while decent marks across the board placed Texas at the top.
Here are the 5 best states to make a living:
1. Texas
2. Washington
3. Wyoming
4. Virginia
5. Illinois
And the 5 worst states:
1. Hawaii
2. Oregon
3. Maine
4. West Virginia
5. Vermont