Your front line people are your financial lifeline. Without successful sales strategies and personnel in place, the best of communities will not meet its goals.

How you get there
Mystery Shops Are Your Directional Map
The growing senior housing market must incorporate mystery shopping into their sales programs.
The process of mystery shopping is an essential assessment and training tool for many industries. So why would senior living not utilize this valuable tool? 

The process is informative, educational and when used correctly, a highly effective training tool.
·    The sales process starts with the first ‘hello’. Both on the telephone and on site, we document that first impression.

·    Do your sales associates come across as knowledgeable?
·    Do your sales associates implement your sales training programs and policies?
·    Do your sales associates instill a sense of trust and caring?
·    Do your sales associates create value?
·    Do your sales associates create a reason for the prospective client to commit?
·    Do your sales associates ask for a commitment?

Mystery shopping frontline sales personnel can be a wakeup call.

·    Either our Video or Audio Profiles will document and confirm both the kudos and ‘oh no’s that happen on a daily basis. 
·    Our Video Profiles provide the added benefit of seeing your personnel and facility through the eyes of prospective clients. 
·    Our reports are comprehensive and objective.

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·    Our credentials are well established
·    Our name is trusted
·    Quality product and service is never an option

Sooner rather than later.  
You cannot afford to lose sales.

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