When your bottom line mandates you confirm the strength of your sales front line, you need more than the average mystery shopping company.

“I know of no greater tool for improving sales performance than the video shop. And I know of no better provider of this service than LeBlanc & Associates.”
— Jeff Shore, Sales Trainer, The Jeff Shore Company


Improving sales performance is our expertise. For over 20 years, LeBlanc & Associates has become the standard bearer for excellence in our field. We focus exclusively on the housing industry including new construction, retirement living, senior care, and residential leasing. 

When you need to mystery shop your sales team, shop your competition, need a pre-hire shop, or determine how effectively your agents handle community inquiry telephone calls, then LeBlanc & Associates is your partner to getting you back on the road to sales success.

Our clients range from small to large companies covering the continental US and Canada. These companies have come to rely on LeBlanc & Associates to be part of their overall sales training programs. Our high level of personal service is guaranteed. 


Your Bottom Line depends on it.  Even when the market is hot and selling from priority or waiting lists, you cannot afford to have order takers representing your company brand. And when the market cools, as it inevitably does, you need skilled sales representatives who can convert prospects into buyers. 

Every day your housing inventory remains unsold it costs your company money. If your sales frontline is not treating prospective buyers like valued clients, your company brand and bottom line suffers. Mystery shopping your team with either our Video or Audio Profiles, documents your prospective buyer’s sales office experience. Our detailed reports allow you to focus on the specific strengths and weaknesses of how sales agents are performing the job they were hired to do. In short, LeBlanc & Associates provides the means to confirm if your sales team is creating the sale or waiting for the sale to come to them.


It’s Your Choice:  LeBlanc & Associates provides its clients with options to evaluate their sales teams. Our Video Profiles are the most effective tool to capture the whole picture. See your sales agents from the perspective of your potential buyers.  Our team consists of credible mystery shoppers as well as experienced report writers. By focusing on the process of the sale, both agents and management will obtain meaningful information to hone sales skills. Other needs? LeBlanc & Associates is happy to tailor a program to meet your specific criteria.


At least once a year. Preferably twice a year or more to obtain a comprehensive picture. Start with a performance base line series and follow-up with another series to track improvement.


It’s easy!  Connect with us by telephone, email or submit your request online.

At LeBlanc & Associates, quality is not an option.
Quite simply, we are the best in our field.