Mystery Shopping
The Path to Sales Success


Mystery shopping frontline sales personnel can be a wakeup call.
The highly competitive housing market mandates every sector of the housing industry, (new homes, senior living and residential leasing), incorporate mystery shopping into their sales training programs. 

Your front line people are your financial lifeline.
Unsold inventory costs your company money. If your prospective buyers are not treated like valued clients, your company brand and bottom line will suffer.
Mystery Shops Are Your GPS System:  The process is informative, educational and when used correctly, a highly effective training tool.

Mystery Shops Document the Kudos and the ‘Oh No’s:
  Our Video Profiles provide the benefit of seeing your sales team through the eyes of prospective buyers.  Do your sales associates:
 •    Convey good product and community knowledge?
•    Use your sales training programs and policies?
•    Convey a sense of trust and caring?
•    Create value?
•    Create a reason for the prospect to commit?
•    Ask for a purchase commitment?


LeBlanc & Associates
lives and breathes the housing industry. Our singular focus is new homes, retirement living, senior care, and residential leasing. 

•    Our credentials are well established
•    Our name is trusted
•    Our reports are comprehensive and objective

Sooner rather than later.
  You cannot afford to lose sales.

HOW can we help?
LeBlanc & Associates is happy to tailor a program to meet your specific criteria. 
•    Sales team video shops?
•    Competition shops?
•    Telephone shops? 
•    Pre-hire shops?
•    Design Center shops?
•    Custom Lot Sales? 
•    Resort Destination Communities? 

Covering the continental US, Hawaii and Canada, our clients rely on LeBlanc & Associates as a trusted partner in their overall sales training programs. 

•    We are more than the average mystery shopping company. 
•    Quality product and service is never an option
•    Quite simply, we are the best in our field.

We would love to hear from you. It’s easy! Connect with us by
•    Telephone:  1.800.838.1779
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“I know of no greater tool for improving sales performance than the video shop. And I know of no better provider of this service than LeBlanc & Associates.”
— Jeff Shore, Sales Trainer, The Jeff Shore Company