Competitive Project Reports
Know Your Competition: They Know You.

The most successful builders always learn everything they can about the competition. It levels the playing field.
— Mary LeBlanc

Your sales are struggling and your competition is showing strong sales. Why the difference? Sometimes the answer rests not solely with your front line sales associates. Perhaps the competition is the reason.

What you need to know:

•    How well do you know your competition?

•    How well do they know you?

•    How does your competition sell their product and community? 

•    What do they say about your community?


When mystery shopping competition, our trained personnel will pose as ready prospects and obtain the information you need to level the playing field.


What we can uncover:

•    Are Information Centers within master-planned communities offering impartial and accurate facts concerning all the merchant builders?

•    What is the "bottom line" incentive package your competition is really negotiating?

•    How do sales agents at competing communities sell against your product?

Don’t hesitate to know your competition. They know you