From nationally leading companies to those still growing, LeBlanc & Associates has become their trusted partner in evaluating sales teams through the mystery shopping process.  We're proud of our long standing relationships with our clients whose referrals allow us to grow throughout the continental U.S. and Canada.

Recommendations & Testimonials



I have had the pleasure of working with Mary, and her company, LeBlanc and Associates, for many years as a new home development Director of Sales and Marketing. Mary is a consummate professional and well known expert in new home sales performance analysis. She continues to provide the highest level of service, integrity and value in her field. I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking for the best in detailed and comprehensive performance reviews of their sales staff.
— Deborah Moyer Certified Senior Downsizing/Transitions Specialist & Professional Home Organizer

The Lewis Group of Companies has used Mary’s services when we were building homes, as Lewis Homes, and now as master planned community developers as a service to our Guest Builders. At all times her new home agent shopping reports have been exceptionally helpful. She’s given us, and the respective agents shopped, numerous ways to improve our product presentation to the general public. She has great credibility with agents, builders, and developers. Passing on her result-oriented detailed reports is as good as it gets in focusing on the specific strengths and weaknesses of how agents are doing the job they’re hired to do. Her reports are always very insightful and constructive
— Lewis Operating Company

LeBlanc & Associates reports are very useful tools when working one-on-one with sales professionals. The insight provided by the video report has allowed us to fast track the training work we do with our clients. The sales professionals are more accepting of the results after they have viewed the video shop. Together we can zero in on the challenge, role play specific solutions, and move on.
— Manny Schatz, MIRM Principal PBS Inc.

I have known Mary since the early 90’s and she has consistently proven to be effective, efficient and knowledgeable, in addition to being one of the nicest people you will ever meet or do business with. In these changing and challenging times working with someone like Mary can benefit your business. She sees your business through the eyes of your ever demanding customer. All of us could use a look at our business through the perspective of a customer or client, and Mary provides this valuable feedback through her proven system. I highly recommend her.
— Kirk Chittick Director, Sales & Marketing Renasci Development