Become A Mystery Shopper

What is mystery shopping?
Mystery shopping is a common business practice which involves posing as a prospective buyer for a product or service. You are always anonymous. When you conduct your assignments, the company’s personnel must never be aware that they are being “shopped”.  The process of mystery shopping provides valuable information that allows companies to identify areas where training is needed. You will also complete a report documenting the encounter. Your status is that of an Independent Contractor and not an employee.

Who We Are
LeBlanc & Associates is a well-established mystery shopping company that partners exclusively with new home construction, senior living and apartment companies. With over 25 years of established credentials, we provide our clients with insight into what prospective buyer’s experience in their sales centers. This information allows our clients to implement strategies and training programs to improve sales team performance.

While occasionally receive requests for audio or written shops, most of our work requires the use of hidden video equipment. LeBlanc & Associates looks for certified video shoppers with their own equipment. We do not train or provide equipment. Our requirement is the use of the pv500 or equivalent. We do not accept pen cameras, cameras in purses, eye glass cameras, etc.
Be assured all appropriate waivers are in place authorizing the audio/video recording of our client’s personnel.

What Does A Mystery Shopper Do?
You will pose as a potential buyer for a new home or condominium spending approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour on site with your target agent. You will receive appropriate information for each shop assignment that you choose to accept.

At LeBlanc & Associates the process is about the agent – not the mystery shopper. We want you to be exceptional in performance but blend in as an average homebuyer. 

How Do I Get Paid?
You will be paid a base fee for each completed audio/video recording assignment and submitted field report. Mystery shoppers are paid once a month by check for all approved shops completed in the prior calendar month. Fees are paid only for assignments acceptable to our clients.

What Are The Requirements For Being A Mystery Shopper?
You must be willing to follow directions, be presentable, and conduct yourself in a professional manner. E-mail and computer skills are mandatory. High-speed internet access is highly recommended to upload your audio/video recordings.

Do You Guaranty Minimum Amount Of Assignments?
LeBlanc & Associates does not guaranty minimum shops per week, per month or per year. Our assignments are periodic in nature. As an Independent Contractor, you work on an on-call basis. We must rotate shoppers on a regular basis to maintain anonymity in the field.

Once I Submit My Contact Form, What Is Next?
All submitted forms are reviewed to ensure you meet our required criteria.  LeBlanc & Associates does not utilize job boards. When work is available in your area, approved shoppers will be directly contacted. To avoid missing out on one of our assignments, please make sure that your ISP does not filter out our e-mail address:

Resources for Video Shopping Certifications

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Shoppers Video Exchange Center:
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Kathy Hart is beyond a doubt the best in the industry in altering your shirts/blouses to accept the Button Cam. Many Video Shoppers have noticed an immediate improvement in camera angles after having Kathy prepare a video shirt/blouse for them.

Kathy Hart