Audio Profile
What Did They Say?   How Did They Say It?

Even with the best product, the best location and the best market, your community’s success ultimately relies on the quality of your sales representatives. Our Audio Profiles will document the effectiveness of your sales team and how they represent your company and community.


If your preference is audio only recording, we are happy to accommodate your request. The Audio Profile is a reliable training tool for both sales managers and agents - and the first step toward sales success. Audio Profiles document not only the spoken word, but also how it was said.

Do your agents:

  • Have a smile in their voice?
  • Listen to their prospective buyers?
  • Know how to create the sale?
  • Demonstrate good product knowledge?
  • Create a community and product match?
  • Earn the right to ask for the sale?
  • Treat prospective buyers as valued clients?



Our Reports

We believe sales professionals need more than a ‘report card’.  For an agent to learn and improve, they need more than numbers. Using the foundations of essential selling techniques, our Sales Presentation Review is a detailed report scoring the agents effectiveness in 7 critical areas from the Greeting to Closing.  Our expertise allows us to also provide detailed narrative observations of the sales encounter. We will say ‘Kudos’ when warranted and make recommendations for those areas where the agent needs to improve.

Audio Recording

An online audio recording of the sales encounter will be posted on our website. You will receive a user name and password directing you to your own secure page. You will be able to access your team’s results any time, any day and anywhere.  Additionally, you will receive a CD ROM recording of each agents shop.


As with our Video Profiles, any and all follow-up will be monitored and reported for a two week period from the date of the field shop.

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Mary and her team always provide high quality opinions and excellent value... (read more) One of the best things I enjoy about working with Mary is her extensive sales experience. She is not just providing an excellent report her recomendations are coming from a place of education, support and improvement for the individual. Thanks Mary for the excellent services over the last 20 years! You Rock!
— Ric Hernandez Branch Manager, Coldwell Banker Residential, Laguna Beach CA
Family Sitting In Garden Together
You can’t sell the home until you sell the dream.
— Mary LeBlanc
 Couple in real-estate agency signing property loan contract